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Inspired by the ancient Greek myth of Theseus and the Minotaur.
Explore the labyrinth, use your skills and avoid traps, while in a chase against the clock.
Discover more about yourself and what "fighting the beast" really means.

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The people are restless, the riot police have been deployed.
A party game for two - one side is disrupting the police by yelling slogans; the other side is holding the line by handling the mouse.
Developed during the Malta Global Game Jam 2017.

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Humans are the cruel invaders, and the orcs have to defend themselves against the horde... Artillery towers, archer towers and barracks against sword-wielding attackers.
Typical tower defense project, started as an experiment with a cool team, not released.

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The never-ending cycle of jobbing up. Can you handle the pressure? How does money affect your actions? Do you play along with the social norms?
A branched story game, developed during Malta Global Game Jam 2016.

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